About me and FindMyRacket

I am a tennis enthusiast, who played far too long with a tennis racket not suitable to my game. However, like everyone who likes to play tennis, I had to choose a racket to play with. The market of available rackets is overwhelming. Choosing the right racket to suit your individual playing style in this huge market is very difficult and the selection process becomes complex and time-consuming. Moreover, there was no online service, that gathered all the relevant player information and systematically translated it to technical racket specifications. As a result, many players choose the wrong racket to play with.

Therefore, I have decided to help more players and developed this online service that systematically simplifies the selection process, by calculating suitable racket specifications based on the player's information and then suggesting matching rackets. I hope the service offered by this website will help you as much as it helped me to find a suitable racket to play with.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions for improvement. I am always happy to receive input from the community!