Tennis racket grip size selector available now!

How to find the correct grip size on a tennis racket? The answer to this question is now very simple: Use the tennis racket grip size selector from FindMyRacket!

You are about to buy your tennis racket, but you wonder which grip size you should use? With the FindMyRacket grip selector, the answer to this question is now very simple. All you need is a ruler! With the ruler, you first measure the length in millimeters between the tip of your ring finger of the hitting hand to the second hand line. Don't worry, there is also a picture in the handle selection tool. Then enter the measured length in millimeters into the grip selctor. The grip selector then provides you with the grip thickness in Europe (0-6) and in inches. Done! If you are between two racket sizes, the tool already rounds off automatically, because you can always make a subsequent grip enlargement by an overgrip or a cover, however a reduction would not be possible.

Try it out right away: